CVM011x 32-bit microcontroller product series are designed for embedded applications on the automotive electronic area, featuring versatility, high performance, and high reliability. CVM011x product series are developed based on 40nm automotive-grade eflash process. The chip is integrated with ARM Cortex M0+ core, and a range of peripheral modules such as CANFD/LIN/ADC/PWM/I2C/I2S. CVM011x supports ISELED protocols; and is certified with AEC-Q100 Automotive Reliability Test Standard.
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Evaluation Board

• 1-channel CAN

• 1-channel LIN

• 1-channel USB to UART communication

• 1 channel of PWM controlled RGB multi-color LEDs

• 3-channel monochrome LED

• 1 channel I2C interface to EEPROM

• 1 channel SPI interface to 3-axis acceleration sensor

• 1-channel potentiometer to provide analog input

• 3-channel user key input

Motor Driver

• Supports up to 24V, 100W BLDC, PMSM and IM motors

• Three-phase phase current sampling

• Three-phase phase voltage sampling

• DC Bus current sampling

• DC Bus voltage sampling

• Phase open detection

• Phase overcurrent detection

• Bus overcurrent detection

• Connector for brake resistor

• 3.3V/5V sensor power output

• Three-wire encoder/Hall sensor signal inputs

• Compatible with Arduino interface


Electric sunroof

Electronic oil pump

Rear-view mirror


Power tailgate



ISELED ambient light