Good news! CVA CHIP was recognized as the national-level “High-tech Enterprise”

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Recently, CVA CHIP has been accredited as a “High-tech Enterprise” and obtained the “High-tech Enterprise” certificate issued by Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission, Shenzhen Finance Bureau and the Shenzhen Tax Service of the State Tax Administration of (Certificate No.: GR202044202660), signifying that CVA CHIP has officially ranked among national high-tech enterprises.

As one of the highest honors for high-tech enterprises in China, the high-tech enterprise certification is a guiding policy of the state to stimulate the enthusiasm for independent innovation and promote technological transformation of enterprises.

It is a time-consuming process subject to high benchmark, and strict standards based on rigorous criteria for evaluating core product technologies, scientific research innovation system, the ability to transform scientific and technological achievements, and the growth of enterprises. The fact that CVA CHIP has been granted the High-tech Enterprise certificate reflects that it is highly recognized by the state for its scientific and technological innovation capacity.

 Founded in 2018, CVA CHIP is a company specializing in the design of intelligent perception and computing control chips. It designs and sells intellisense, computing and control chips for the smart terminal markets such as mobile phones, IoT and automobiles. Now it offers proximity sensing, capacitive touch, pressure sensing, smart decoding products.

 Headquartered in Shenzhen, with R&D centers in Shanghai and Beijing, the Company has the R&D ability for software, hardware, algorithms, systems and verification across the entire chain of chips, and industry-leading R&D and mass production experience in human-computer interaction, mixed signal processing, and large SoC.

The R&D team members mainly graduated from Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fudan University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other well-known universities in China, and once worked at internationally renowned chip design companies. Many products predominantly designed by the team have won international awards.

Great cities always foster legends. After only two years of establishment, CVA has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise with high scores. “Shenzhen speed” is continuing.

High-tech enterprise certification is both an honor and a responsibility. Under such a circumstance where China is facing a severe test in the security of its industrial supply chain due to lack of “chips” amid an unstable external environment, we will continue to increase research funding and break through bottlenecks in the mobile phone, IoT, automobile and other fields of China, thus fitting individual struggle into the great historical process of the quest for “China Chip” independence.